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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbye my Booger Cat

I don't know what happened.  We left for Andy and Stacie's around 6:30.  Booger was upstairs finishing up his dinner and biting me on the leg on the way out the door.  We came home at 11pm, loved on the dogs then went upstairs to get into bed.  I went into my room to change for bed and my beloved Booger cat was laying dead on my pink yoga mat up against my dirty laundry (one of his favorite things to lay in).  





Baby Booger-cat
So goodbye my Booger Cat, I can't believe you're gone.  I raised you from a palm sized kitten who needed to be bottle fed and held close to the body to stay warm, to the onrey little Basterd you were up to the day you died.  Part of me wishes I had been here, as if that could have prevented whatever it was that took your life.  Part of me is grateful I wasn't here because I'd be in be in even worse shape than I am now.  I'm doubly sorry that you are wrapped in a trash bag laying on the cold garage floor right now until the morning when we can bury you in the back of the yard underneath some trees.

You ruled the roost from the beginning, but being raised with Chigger you learned how to get along with dogs.  Left to your own devices in the apartment you developed your mean streak.  Hiding underneath the table and whipping out with claws so sharp that they caught air but still cut our legs...oh you were an evil one.  *heart*  Destroying rolls of paper towels or toilet paper and trailing the shredded paper all over the place; you particularly like the rolls wrapped in plastic.  The day Tim and I fashioned a harness leash out of some rope, strapped it around you and carried you out to the woods surrounding the apartment...dang that was hilarious!  Slinking close to the ground, ears laid back yet fascinated by the sights, sounds, and smells...priceless.

Lilly and Booger's first meeting
 You endured many things over the years including but not limited too:
-tape on the paws, scrunchie around the middle, tape down your nose, string tied to the end of your tail, plastic bag looped around your tail (*THAT* is a fun one too do), and the love-hate relationship you had with the Lilly-dog.  You ruled the roost until Lilly came along, yet you patiently endured her puppy attacks and let her think she was the "Queen in Resi-dahnce".  Then you learned how to fight back and tell her who was reallly the boss around here. But then the two of you struck an uneasy truce that at least allowed you to share the bed on a rare occasion.
Classic Booger "B!tch-slap"
This didn't happen very often

 Buck was brought into our family two years after Lilly was and you really didn't waste any time letting him know who the boss was and who ran the show.  You loved chasing after him in the house because you sensed his goofiness and willingness to rough and tumble back. 

After a rough and tumble session
All you wanted was love and I didn't give you as much as you deserved and for that I am sorry.  I am sorry you had to die alone on the floor of my room; that must have been incredibly scary for you.  I pray to little baby Jesus that you went swiftly and felt no pain and are now in kitty heaven tearing up rolls of paper towels, chasing dogs, eating your favorite kind of cat food, and getting rubbed behind the ears all you want.  You were one onrey little terd, but I loved you to the depths of my soul.  Goodbye my Booger-cat you little fvcker; you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.   
Booger-cat 2003-2011

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