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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh Boy, it's a BOY!

Thursday May 10th we went for our anatomy and gender scan and boy was I excited!!!  I told myself I would leave school by 1:15 to get to the appointment about ten minutes early and it took ALL of my flippin' willpower to stay there that long!  Eek!!  *Finally* the clock showed 1:15 and I ran outta there so fast I'm not sure if the door closed behind me or not *laugh*.

I arrived at the doctor's office before Tim and got myself checked in.  He arrived moments before our sonogram tech called us back for the fun to begin :)  She got me situated, put the warm gel on my belly, and as soon as she touched down we were greeted with our boy!!!

It's a Boy!

I started crying in joy, the sonogram gave a sigh of relief that she hadn't been wrong at the previous appt *laugh*, and Tim was Tim...quietly estactic.  

He's got Tim's legs, I can tell already
Our gal then went on to measure all his pieces and parts, check the heart, listen to the blood flow, measure his arms and legs, and scope out the umbilical cord.  It's quite humerous to me all the "Negative Ned's and Nancy's" out there who gave the whole (said in a snotty tone) "Well you know, that baby may not cooperate to show the goods so you'll probably have to go back".  You know what he was shy about showing??  HIS FACE!  He was turned towards my back for a majority of the time, all nestled up against the placenta, and even though he was super active, he didn't really want to turn around and when he did he kept his hands/arms up around his face *laugh*.  I think we may have to swaddle him like that when he's here for real.

Hiding his face

After some prodding from our tech, he *finally* showed us a sneak peek into what he looks like.  Can't wait to see him for real! 

There he is!  Head, chest and umbilical cord!

So now we know we are welcoming little JP Stout into our lives this coming September and we can't wait.  I get to start figuring out the nursery now which is fabulous, and we're going to get the registry done today, and maybe buy the crib! Eek!!  I leave you with some more pics from the sonogram, a glimpse into our baby's world as he kicks away inside me :)

Sucking his thumb

Closeup of face w/hand to the left

His perfectly formed, 4-chamber heart

Practicing his fishing cast!

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