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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I gave us the gift of health this holiday season; won't you join us?

About a month ago, my sister brought a fabulous product into my awareness.  It's called JuicePlus+.  I wouldn't be that surprised if some of you out there have heard of it, it's been around for quite a while, but this is the first I've heard of it and I'm hooked.

The premise is quite simple, really.  Let's face it...NONE of us really and truly get the recommended amount of fruits and veggies we need in a day to not only fuel our body but to *heal* our body and keep it healthy.  Even I, the self-proclaimed health nut of our family, can't get the recommended amount in daily.  Try as I might it just doesn't happen.  Sure, I load my grocery cart up with fruits and veggies every shopping trip and cook a considerable amount of them, but quite frankly most of the fruit (except grapes, oranges, and nectarines) gets over-ripe and gets thrown out, and most of the veggies follow the same fate even though I cook and eat more of those than fruit.

So here's the question..."HOW can we get the recommended daily amount without spending a fortune and then throwing said fortune away?" 

Think about it for a second.  *If* (and this is a big if), *IF* you were to purchase enough fruits and vegetables *just for yourself* to fulfill the 17 servings (or even on the low end of 9) for one day, how much would you eat?  How much would you spend?  How much would you throw away??  Uh-huh, that's what I thought.  Here's what JuicePlus+ has too offer all of us...

(Taken directly from "The next best thing to fruits and vegetable" brochure for JuicePlus+)

"JuicePlus+ helps bridge the gap between what you *should* eat and what you *actually* eat.  JuicePlus+ is the convenient and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day.  JuicePlus+ Orchard Blend is made from 7 different fruits (apple, orange, pineapple, cranberry, papaya, peaches, and acerola cherry).  JuicePlus+ Garden Blend is made from 10 different vegetables and grains (carrot, parsley, beet, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomato, oat bran and brown rice bran)...Just *two* JuicePlus+ Orchard Blend and two JuicePlus+ Garden Blend capsules every day are all it takes to experience real benefits from adding more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet."

THIS IS NOT A VITAMIN OR A SUPPLEMENT!  It's *REAL FOOD*.  It's *WHOLE NUTRITION*.  What does this mean, you ask?  It means that JuicePlus+ not only contains a wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins than vitamin supplements, but it also contains phytonutrients and antioxidants which are ESSENTIAL to maintaining good health. 

How is it made?  They start with fresh, high quality fruits and veggies that are pesticide and contaminant free.  They juice the fruits and veggies first, then concentrate it into powders using a ..."proprietary, low-temperature process".  Why low-temperature?  Have you ever heard or used the statement "Man, those (insert vegetable of choice here) were cooked within an inch of their life!"

I have.  

It's quite simple.  When fruits and veggies are overcooked, they lose their nutritional value.  It's cooked right out of them.  Hence the low-temperature process makes sure you get all the nutrients you need to improve your health and keep you healthy.

Here are some shocking (at least they were too me) results from a sampling of studies done on JuicePlus+ (which, by the way is one of the most researched products of it's kind out there). 

The following statistics are taken from my informational brochure information as an Independent Distributor of JuicePlus+, the studies will be in ( ).

*80 million people have some form of heart disease (American Heart Association)

*1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will have cancer in his or her lifetime (National Cancer Institute) **Let me say that right here this statistic has been reached, because I know at least two other women who read my blog, and I would be the third that has had cancer**

*Over 20 million children and adults have diabetes (American Diabetes Association) **Raise your hand if you know someone with diabetes *raises hand* I do**

*64% of adults are overweight (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) **We know that's true, all you have to do is step outside your door and go to any public place.  Obesity reigns supreme and that's so, so sad**

*About 59% of adults *do not* engage in any vigorous leisure-time physical activity (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) **Are you kidding me?!?!  Exercise is so important, as is proper nutrition!**

*Our national health care expenditures were 2 trillion (TWO TRILLION!!!!!!!) in 2005, or $6,700 per person (National Coalition on Health Care) **I wonder what it is NOW and I wonder if we could really, truly take back our health AND health-care system by simply taking JuicePlus+ every day**

NOW here are the shocking statistics ABOUT OUR CHILDREN, the *future* of this world, the generations that are supposed to propel this world forward into the's scary people, and very very sad. 

*By the age of 12, an estimated 70% of our children have developed the beginning stages of hardening of the arteries (Bogalusa Heart Study) **I've been told there is *chewable* LIPITOR for children now.  How sad is that?  Do you realize that by feeding your child nothing but fast, convenient, and not-so-healthy options you are signing their death certificate?  Breaks my heart**

*1 in 3 Americans born in 2000 will develop diabetes (Journal of the American Medical Association)

*1 in 4 children is obese (International Journal of Obesity) **Again; walk out your door and go to a public place.  This is true**

*Nearly 50% of obese adolescents remain obese as adults (International Journal of Obesity) **Just watch Biggest Loser**

*7% of school age children are diagnosed with ADHD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

*Over 93% of all children and adolescents *do not consume* the recommended 3 servings of vegetables per day (Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine) **Yesterday morning on Fox4 News, they ran a story on this.  It was said that teenagers consume LESS THAN ONE SERVING A DAY and shockingly boys consumed more than girls.  How can they live their best life without fruits and veggies?**


The US government has spent billions trying to find a cure for heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.  The conclusion??  Disease is *easier* to PREVENT THAN TO CURE.  Government recommendation?? EAT 7-13 SERVINGS OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES A DAY, yet almost no-one does.

So what does JuicePlus+ do for you?

It delivers key antioxidants that are actually absorbed by the body (i.e. gets into your bloodstream, a lot of vitamins don't), it reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals (translation: it combats the bad things in our food/environment that cause us to age prematurely and develop disease).  It positively impacts markers of systemic inflammation (those of you with lupus and fibromyalgia would greatly benefit from JP+), it helps support the immune system, helps protect our DNA, and promotes cardiovascular wellness. ("Results of independent clinical research studies published in peer-reviewed journals").  

The end kicker is this...the combo of the Orchard Blend and Garden Blend for an adult is around $1.50 a day *and* if you sign up for a year you can sponsor a child (ages 4-18) FREE FOR A YEAR!!!  Who wouldn't want to give themselves the benefit of good health while giving it too their child, FOR FREE, as well??? And again I ask...can you buy all the fruits and veggies you & your family need for $1.50 A DAY?  I think not.

We all know we need to take better care of ourselves.  Our bodies are a wonderous, mysterious machine that we have yet to unlock all the secrets about.  Until we start taking better care of ourselves in terms of FEEDING OURSELVES CORRECTLY to *power* our body, to *nourish* our body, to *HEAL* our body, we will never live too our full potential.  We will never turn this world around.  We will never have a better health care system, and we will harm the future generations of children even yet too be born.

I don't know about you, but I don't want that for this world.  I don't want that for our children, for MY children.  I'm always striving to become a better version of myself, to become a healthier version of myself, and too live my best life possible.  JuicePlus+ is turning my health and that of my husband's around; won't you join us?

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