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Monday, June 6, 2011

I kicked cancer's a$$, now it's tme to kick debt's a$$!

I am so sick and tired of being in debt.  The frustrations, the scariness, the heart-ache, the worry, and the humbling stupidity of having to ask our parents to help us out.  I mean come.on!  We're almost mid-thirties and we're not completely financially savvy on our own!  This is ridiculous.  I am going to tackle our debt with the same laser-like focus I put onto kicking cancer's a$$, hopefully with Dave Ramsey's help, and hopefully with my dear hubby along for the ride.  

So my question out there to you all in cyberspace who read my blog is this...Have you used Dave Ramsey's program to success and if you did, were you like us with thousands in cc debt, and a budget of $$ each month that seems to never stretch the gamit from paycheck to paycheck?

Give me your feedback before I spend the $80 on his class!

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