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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My friend Ben

Ben and TMS, our wedding 2005
I traveled to Lawrence this evening to have dinner with two of my *most favoritest* (yes I know that is bad grammar and not a word) men ever on the planet.  Ben "Po"Tatar and his dad, "Pa" Tatar.  What a treat to see those two this evening.  I think the last time I saw them was at our wedding almost six years ago. 

 Crazy how time flies.

Partying it up
Ben and I met during college.  We were all within the same major ("I want to be a professional Band Geek"), all in the band together (he in the Trombone section, me on the Drum Line), and partied with the same circle (toga party at the House of Funk anyone?) so naturally we became friends.  I remember many a crisp Saturday morning walking up the hill in full KU Band regalia with Ben, Oliver, Randy, and Greg, up to the fountain to line up in formation for our march down the hill into the stadium on game day.  

Wine at Olive Garden
Theory with Palos, History with Maxey, Band with Foster, Barnes, and TMS.  New renditions of the fight song set to Sitar and Mringdingam (sp?) while on the bus to the hotel for the pep rally.  Wine with BMills at Olive Garden on a Bball band trip, getting to see his childhood home and meet his family.  Taking the leap of faith with him when he let us cut his hair and shave his head (so upped his sex appeal when we did that!), partying with the Chancellor's son at the Chancellor's mansion, winter band formal...good times.   
Winter Band Formal

Now we're all grown up and adult-like. ;)  Out of our freshman class, I think Ben and I are in the minority in terms of actually becoming music teachers.  I run with the big kids, he hangs with the little.  I teach kids how to march and play at the same time, he teaches kiddos how to match pitch and keep a steady beat.  I teach them how to become productive members of society, he teaches them how to walk in a straight line and keep their hands to themselves.  I can't have a successful program without the foundation that general music teachers put in place, and he can't have a successful program without the lure of the high school marching band with all it's flash and glitz.  How I'd love to watch him in action.  I bet his students just adore him, I know I do.  Always have and always will.

So thank you for making a brief trip to Lawrence this weekend, and thank you even more for making time to have dinner with me.  I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  You and your family hold such a special place in my heart.  Love you all!        

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