Om Namah Shivaya


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thank you

On my birthday, I simply want to say Thank you. 

Thank you to life for the lessons I've learned. 

Thank you to my friends who have been there through my good times and not so good.

Thank you to the opportunities that present themselves daily to me that give me the chance to shift my mind.

Thank you to my parents who have given and continue to give so much in love and support to not just me but my family as well.

Thank you to my sisters who provide a lens to look through that is colored with their wisdom and experience, and for the love they provide.

Thank you to my teachers past, present, and future who have challenged me, supported me, and helped mold me into this 37 year old version of myself.

Thank you to my bestest friend of 22+ years.  Without her friendship I wouldn't be half the woman I am today.

Thank you to breast cancer for touching my life and showing me what's really important.

Thank you to my husband whose love, support, and grumpiness truly make my world whole.  Without him I would most definitely not be who I am or have what I do, today.

Thank you to my most precious son, JP.  Everyone says it and you never believe it till it happens but he truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Thank you for opening up my awareness to life around me and for showing me what true, palpable, unconditional love is.

Thank you to all my students, past, present, and future. The lessons you all teach and have taught me on a daily basis outnumber those I teach and have taught you.  Thank you for molding me into the teacher I am today.  I look forward to how you will change me moving forward.

Thank you to Aubrey for the medical intuitive session a few weeks ago.  I look at my picture and read my notes daily to discover ways to change and release my yoke so the true change may occur.

Thank you to our creator and all divine spirits that reside above for instilling in me a sense of peace and clarity that can only come through knowing you.

And finally, thank you to me.  Thank you having the grace to age confidently and the knowledge to change when necessary. 

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